Top tips for last-minute travellers

(NC) After a long couple of years many of us are jumping at the chance to travel across the world. If you’re booking a trip on short notice, here are a few tips to remember:

Be flexible
While you may get a great deal when you book travel last minute, you should also be prepared in case other things are sold out, like the best hotels or tickets to the hottest attraction. Be flexible with your itinerary and simply enjoy being somewhere new, rather than hoping for the perfect trip. If you’re looking for a special once in a lifetime holiday, a last-minute booking may not be your best bet.

Read the fine print
As exciting as it is to jump into a new adventure, make sure you familiarize yourself with the details so you know what you’re getting into. This is the case for any travel expense but especially for promotional rates and add-ons like car rentals. You want to be aware of the cancellation policy and any extra fees like a deposit or extra insurance or a municipal hotel tax. Doing your due diligence means you’ll be better able to avoid costly surprises and enjoy your time more.

Double check entry requirements
Always review the rules of the country you’re going to visit. These might include, how long you can stay on a visitor’s visa, whether you need a vaccine passport, or whether you can bring certain items into the country. It’s also worth a refresher on rules around returning to Canada. For example, if you don’t declare food and animal products when you arrive here, you could face a hefty fine.

These restrictions are in place for a reason. They protect Canadians from foreign animal diseases which could impact our economy. African swine fever, also known as ASF, is one such contagious virus that, while not dangerous to humans, is highly deadly for pigs. If a single case is found in Canada, it could shut down the global export of Canadian pork – and have a major impact on our economy. This rule is in place since the virus could arrive here on contaminated clothing, food products and more. So, next time you bring a ham sandwich on your flight home from abroad, be sure to declare it and don’t pack pork in your suitcase!

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