Paint colours for children’s rooms that stand the test of time

(NC) Even the most style-savvy homeowners can struggle when it comes to decorating children’s rooms. Benjamin Moore colour and design expert, Sharon Grech shares three tips for creating a space that your child will love now, and for years to come.

Give any room a personalized touch by painting a mural instead of a solid accent wall. Look for durable paint which delivers an exceptional richness of colour and professional results that you can achieve at home in just one weekend.

Neutral hues
Gender neutral colours go with a range of styles and can appeal to younger children and more sophisticated teens as they grow up. For inspiration, consider Benjamin Moore colors such as Van Deusen Blue HC-156, Green Hydrangea CSP-850, and Crystalline AF-485.

DIY together
You may not always think about letting your child loose with a can of paint, but that’s why it’s a sure-fire way to engage them and create a space your child will love. “I always involve my kids in the painting process, especially for their own rooms. This is a great way to give them a sense of pride and involvement in the room’s design.” If you have leftover paint from additional projects buy a large canvas and let your child paint whatever they want – then you’ll benefit from accent art for your newly upgraded room.

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