September 2019

Is your next move senior living or aging in place?

(NC) As our senior population continues to grow, many Canadians will have to make a series of decisions. Among the most crucial is living arrangements. These conversations aren’t easy, but they are essential for ensuring ongoing quality of life.

“It’s important that families come together well ahead of time to discuss major choices for later in life and end of life, and this includes making plans for senior living that address all factors,” says Justin Schultz, funeral home director at Arbor Memorial, a national funeral and cemetery services company. “These candid conversations will allow everyone involved to feel that their opinions are being considered and heard.”

When creating this long-term living plan, there are some things to keep in mind.

  • Know your options. Consider the type of care that will be needed. Retirement, nursing and long-term care homes offer various levels of care and support, not to mention an array of options for accommodations and activities. Weigh these choices to ensure you’re making the best decision for your family.
  • Evaluate all services. Whether it’s a retirement or nursing home, consider all services available and whether there will be a need to make another transition in the future if health or mobility changes.
  • Think about lifestyle changes. Maintain an open and honest dialogue with everyone involved to help make things easier if it becomes necessary to make a change. Whether it’s aging in place with added home care or moving to an assisted living facility, always consider health, wellness and safety. Think about both current and future lifestyle needs to reduce the need to make multiple moves.

Active listening is important when having conversations about a long-term living plan to ensure options are understood by all. Remember, this could be a difficult or unwelcome change in a loved one’s life. Being an advocate can do a great deal to ease the transition.

Having a long-term living plan and advance care plan in place will ensure all wants, needs, budgets and concerns can be considered so everyone involved is ready for the future.

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