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How to pack the whole family for your summer holiday

(NC) As the school year winds down, kids – and their parents – start to daydream about summer vacations.. If you’ve got plans for a summer getaway with the family, here are some packing tips for all ages.

Babies and infants
As anyone who has done it knows, travelling with babies and young children can be a challenge. In addition to their clothes, you also want to make sure you pack their bottles, soothers, a hat and their favourite stuffed animal.

If it’s a beach destination you’re heading to, don’t forget swim goggles and floaties. If the trip will include some more adventurous outings, make sure you pack appropriate footwear and rugged clothing.

You may also need to bring a portable crib. But note that airlines will not count a stroller as a piece of luggage and, in most cases, you can check it at the gate.

For the flight, pack some snacks, plus some books, arts and crafts materials, and other items to pass the time.

Tweens and teens
For this age group, keeping them engaged and entertained is the key factor. So, while they’ll be sure to pack their phones and other devices, you’ll want to make sure all the right charging cables are packed as well. You should also set some ground rules ahead of time on screen time limits.

Kids this age are old enough to pack their own suitcase but double-check to make sure they bring essentials like swimwear, sunglasses and hats, suitable footwear and some books or magazines to read when you tell them it’s time to put their phones away.

As the adults in the group, you’re going to be the one responsible for packing vacation essentials like sunscreen, a first aid kit and any medication family members require. You should also look into travel insurance for the whole family.

And don’t forget that novel you’ve been meaning to finally crack open.

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