December 2022


Home design trends for the new year

(NC) Style trends often draw inspiration from the world around us, whether that means embracing something positive or offering a retreat from the negative. The year 2023 is no exception, with designers taking a cue from exotic travel destinations, gathering together again and our desire to always be comfortable.  

Here are some top trends to keep in mind for your next home design:  
Escapist décor. More and more people want to be transported to their favourite vacation spot as wanderlust enters our minds again. Think rustic terracotta earthenware and warm natural wood to suggest an Italian villa, or blue-and-white Mediterranean tiles and billowy linen textiles reminiscent of a Greek island.  
The new “it” decade. While fashion is deep in its 90s and 2000s throwback phase, home décor is focused on an entirely different time period—the 70s. Incorporate the best of this decade in your home with warm paints and fabrics, low-slung furniture and leather accents. Instead of buying something new at a pricey store, scour online listings and flea markets for vintage finds you can breathe new life into.  
Easy-going entertaining. Hosting is officially back, and that means furnishings and layouts that encourage conversation and mingling. Indoors, the armchair is making a strong comeback, and an overstuffed sofa can help your guests feel comfy. Meanwhile, you can upgrade your outdoor living situation with pieces inspired by the “coastal grandmother aesthetic,” like Muskoka chairs in seaside colours, rattan side tables and decorative poofs in beachy prints.  
Blended exteriors. For a sophisticated statement, designers and architects are mixing materials on exterior walls. Look to balance timeless, natural surfaces of stone alongside wood, or add visual and textural interest to traditional siding by pairing it with sections of stone. For a new exterior, stone veneer is an affordable, durable option that makes an impact and ties in well with other design choices like a metal roof. Look for a no-maintenance, sustainably made option, like Canadian company Shouldice Designer Stone, which also carries a lifetime warranty.   

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