March 2020


DIY home improvements

(NC) Whether you’re getting ready to sell or just looking to refresh your home, you don’t need a huge budget to give a noticeable boost to how your home looks and feels. With a modest investment, some DIY skills and a little bit of elbow grease, you can tackle these budget-friendly home renovations in as little as one weekend.

Repaint the exterior and update the front door.
A quick and easy way to instantly enhance your home’s curb appeal is to refresh the exterior trim colour. You can also simply change the colour of your front door to make a huge difference to your home’s façade, or try adding new house numbers or a new mailbox, some planters or updated landscaping.

Turn a closet into a powder room.
An inexpensive way to create a new bathroom in your home is to renovate an under-used closet into a powder room. This is easier than you think if you use a self-contained macerating toilet system such as the Sanicompact system from Saniflo. The compact toilet is installed on top of your existing floor and can accommodate a sink connection as well. If you’re handy and have some basic plumbing experience, you don’t even need to call a plumber. All you need is an electrical outlet, some basic tools and access to a water line.

Add removable wallpaper.
Unlike hanging wallpaper in the past, which we can all agree was a frustrating experience, today’s removable wallpaper is now mush easier to work with. Since it can be easily removed when you are ready for a change, it is a great way to try a new colour or pattern with little commitment.

Refresh your kitchen.
If your cabinet doors are still in good condition you can always sand them down and repaint them. Then, swap out the old hardware with fresh pulls and knobs to make your cabinets look like new. An easy fix for updating the backsplash is to pick up some peel-and-stick tiles from your favourite hardware store, which are surprisingly affordable and super easy to use.

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