December 2021


3 easy tests that can help sell your home

(NC) Planning to put your home up on the market? While this can be a stressful time, there are a few things you can do for a more seamless process and to help make your property more attractive to prospective buyers. Here are some evaluations to consider before listing your home:

1. Indoor air

Even before the pandemic, we spent about 90 per cent of our time indoors. And with COVID-19 making us more aware of ventilation and what we breathe, top indoor air quality can be a great selling point in a home.

Fortunately, testing for everything from allergens and mould to dust and formaldehyde can be done with simple DIY test kits available at your local hardware store. If you have the dollars or want a more thorough evaluation, you can also call in a professional.

2. Water quality

Canadian private and public drinking water supplies are generally of excellent quality. But contaminants can sneak into your water supply via plumbing — including pipes and fittings that connect homes to water mains and well casings. Potential buyers will want to know your water is safe, especially if your home is in a rural area or you’re selling a cottage or property with lake access.

That means testing the quality of your water can be a smart idea. For an easy and affordable option, consider services from My Water Quality, which uses an accredited and licensed laboratory to bring water supply sampling and reporting to homeowners across Canada. You’ll receive a DIY test kit, including return shipping label and sampling instructions. An easy-to-read report card will arrive within five to 20 days and provide you with all the results, which have been reviewed by professional hydrogeologist.

3. Asbestos

Older homes, cottages and other buildings across the country still have asbestos in them, which can cause cancer and other health issues diseases if inhaled. While it’s not dangerous to have asbestos that’s undisturbed, if you or the new owner plan to undertake a remodel or renovations, it can become a serious problem.

To give potential buyers peace of mind, have a professional come in to test for asbestos — it’s mostly found in attics, vinyl asbestos flooring tiles, soundproofing ceiling tiles, roof shingles and insulation. If the test reveals asbestos, never try to remove it yourself. This can be dangerous, so hire a pro.

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